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New One (No Limit) - Lyrics

This series discusses the textual aspects of my work, be it some written text that inspired a song, some poetry that’s meant to go alongside, some words of wisdom that resonate with it.

In a related post (see there), I've started to talk about what went inside "New One (No Limit)", and especially about its lyrics. Here they are.


New One (No Limit)


You could have been my new one

I could have been yours

So bright your eyes and your smile

That night at the theater

You could have been my girl

We could have lived on

By then music was louder

Louder than the bombs

A gunshot in your shoulder

Bullet in your heart

They put an end to your youth

And ended our lives

But still you'll sing forever

And free is your soul

Since that night in November

Brighter than us all

Sing forever

Free your soul

Since November

Brighter than us all



Forever wild

Love could have had no limit no limit no limit


Listen to "New One (No Limit)"​​

EverNoize - 2017

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