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Circular Song Lyrics: Where do they come from?

This series discusses the textual aspects of my work, be it some written text that inspired a song, some poetry that’s meant to go alongside, some words of wisdom that resonate with it.

In some related posts (see here, here and here), I've discussed the challenges I was faced when creating Circular Song, and about its lyrics (which I posted here). Among other things, I explained that this song's lyrics actually come from a poem I had written quite a while back, long before the music came to my mind. However, in the process of creating this song, the words of that poem got tweaked to a pretty far extent, and very much shuffled.

I thought it could be fun to have a look at what the original words of the poem were (and then listen to the track and check out what lyrics they have become :) Can you figure out all the references?).

One last note before we go: In its original form, this poem is virtually and visually mirroring lines in two languages, English and French, and each line in one language faces its counterpart in the other, as if there was some sort of conversation taking place, so to say. Unfortunately, due to the limitations of the software I'm using to write this post, I can't have text in two mirroring columns here. So below I've displayed the lines in English first, and then those in French.

Anyway, here we go.


In The Mirror Mire-Moi


I look into the mirror and I see you

Within the silver haze and out in blue

A thousand broken pieces of time gone

Astray far off asunder wide away

Is that what we were told I call out loud

I thought if I could die I’d be reborn

A million broken shards of wishful days

Of peaceful nights

And wise long stays

I raise my hand and touch the wall

Your eyes on me as I come up and call

From all the treasured hours and dreadful


From all the shame and blame I should be


I raise up my hand and touch the glass

The silk and fabric and skin and canvas

The promised lands of eternal youth

I could reach if I could go through

Is this an angel or a ghost

Sound asleep the place I cherish most

In the silent hour and the deafened space

A thousand broken pieces of this face

For all this time I’ve been looking for me

I gaze into the mirror it’s you I see

Serait-ce un ange ou un démon

La clef secrète du temps perdu

Derrière les voiles les parois nues

Les terres promises l’arc de ce front

Je pensais renaître j’ai perdu ma voie

Je regarde cette eau je n’y trouve que toi

La jeunesse éternelle et les ailes pliées

Les longues heures

La langue oubliée

Jamais connue mais jamais égarée

Tes yeux sur moi me lever et parler

Des milliers d’échardes et d’éclisses

de vie

De toutes ces peurs et de tous ces


Montera mon appel et ma main sur la toile

Voudrait la déchirer et toucher l’au-delà

Si j’élevais la voix si je hissais les voiles

Je ne m’en irais pas plus loin que cela

Dans le silence des heures glacées

Ce lieu cher à mon cœur à jamais effacé

Serait-ce un spectre ou un présage

Les millions d’éclats d’un étrange visage

Et de tout temps je me cherchais en vain

Au revers du monde dans la glace sans tain


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