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Fly - Lyrics

This series discusses the textual aspects of my work, be it some written text that inspired a song, some poetry that’s meant to go alongside, some words of wisdom that resonate with it.

In some related post (see here), I've discussed how I came up with Fly, and how its lyrics very quickly came to me when I wrote it (as some sort of story, or even images of a movie). Here they are.




Deep within do you feel alive

Deep inside are you still mine


I wanna take you to this place of mine

And show you the world

As I see it as I feel it all through my eyes and mind

Don’t be so kind don’t be so blind

There’s nothing in this world that could take me out of my stride

And as we walk through the door, walk down the road

And as we run down these streets

All paved with blood and tears and violence and all

And as we run, and run, untill our breath is gone

Open your arm’s spread 'em so wide that you could fly


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