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Circular Song - Lyrics

This series discusses the textual aspects of my work, be it some written text that inspired a song, some poetry that’s meant to go alongside, some words of wisdom that resonate with it.

In some related posts (see here, here and here), I've discussed the challenges I was faced when creating Circular Song, and about its lyrics. Here they are.


Circular Song


(Well if) you look into this story You might find it kinda funny It might sound pretty much uncanny

Weirdo life in lack of savvy So strange and yet so dummy No trouble no fun no glory You might think mine is the error

But when I look into the mirror It’s you I see

you I see you I see


You I see Looking for me

Run in circles

Escape and be free

(We’re) all a bit like sleepy You and I stuck in lethargy While our dreams are so bright and shiny

Woundrous lives all cool and happy All kings and queens all lordly All superstars and fantasy But all the while we run in circles No wake up from these fake miracles

These phony lies

phony lies phony lies

(There’s) not so much we need be

We’re not that far from being free

What it takes is a bit of harmony

Less illusions, greed and envy

All cool and fine, you see Not even any kinda worry A thousand broken pieces of time gone If we break through the mirror we’ll be reborn

And wide awake

wide awake wide awake

(Well if) you look into this story

You might find it kinda sorry

But I like it this way baby Just escape and be free

In the silent hour and the deafened space

A thousand broken pieces of this face

For all this time I’ve been looking for me I gaze into the mirror it’s you I see


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