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My Guitar & Great Art (Pt. 1)

OK, today I start a set of series, made of short posts about all and nothing, everything I love or hate, what turns me on, what’s under my keyboard (the one I play with / the one I write with), what’s going on in the studio, etc. Whatever I would enjoy sharing with you on the spur of the moment.

For the first of these series, I’ve chosen to talk about the most elusive of all things...




This is a painting by Troy Henriksen, and to me there’s some magic in it. Looking at it I will think about music. Picking up my guitar and it will sing with some sort of similar vibe. Well... oftentimes, at least: Magic, as everything valuable in this world, cannot be commanded.

Troy is a wonderful artist, great painter, musician, singer & songwriter. And a great friend of mine. Here’s to you, man!

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