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News From the Studio

This "In the studio" series is about any news from the studio, what’s up, what’s going on there, what’s on my mind :)


Hey all, it's been a looong while since my last blog post! Too many things to do, lots & lots of work, lots of places to travel to (and this is not over yet ;) ), too little time to make music, and even less time to write about it. But I've kept thinking about this blog all the way though, and about all of you people, and about the nice comments I've been receiving (so many thanks for these, folks!!!).

So, what's happening in the studio at the moment?

First, I should say it's been a very busy year, with the development and promotion of my Fools of Us album and all related tasks.

I made a choice so far to remain an indie artist from end to end, and that means I have to tackle by myself most of the work that a label would do, when a new album is out. And, guys, it does mean a lot of work. I'm not complaining, don't get me wrong! I'm just saying this for those of you reading me and who are musicians themselves. If you wonder whether you should stay indie, or instead go for a label, just know that indie means hard work. But it's definitely worth it too, especially these days when technology has made it so that we've got the whole world at our fingertips, and so many tools to reach our audience. But I'm straying from the purpose of this very post, here. I'll have to write another one some day about being an indie artist (I realise it may actually turn up to become a whole series once I start it, not just one post, merely to touch upon the major aspects). There's a lot of very good literature, blogs, videos around that are devoted to this, too, for those interested.

Anyways, back on tracks.

So, when working on the promotion of an album, it's very hard to create new music at the same time. At least it was, in this instance. And I needed to take a break, too. Plus keep devoting time to my dearest ones. Plus keeping the ball rolling with a demanding day job that keeps us all nicely afloat from a financial standpoint (not an aspect to be neglected, when you've got some people who mean so much in your life and who deserve a happy one for themselves).

But I've been having a relapse.

It all started sometime around last summer. The inner doors that had shut themselves off while I was not looking, slowly opened again, and some new stuff has been filtering out through the crack. New ideas, new melodies, new music.

It's nothing much yet, just a bunch of tidbits here and there, scattered around without any logic or purpose to them all (and like all tidbits, they are just teasers, I can never get enough of them, they won't ever satiate my stomach).

As a side note, every musician (every artist) will tell you how hard it is to grab these fleeting ideas when they come by. Should you let them go (takes only a heartbeat or two), they won't return, ever. Other ones could pass you by, but the one you had just touched upon for a split second is forever lost if you don't catch it here and now. And of course, they never come at the right time, when you quietly sit at your computer with a mind to it, at play your keyboard, or when you fondle your dear guitar. Never. They flicker in the subway, interrupt you in a business meeting, wake you up in the middle of the night (or haunt your sleepless hours, make a pick), snap at your heels during a trip to the grocery store, a family moment, any wrong time but when you would be in a position to grab them.

I got my little trick for that: there's this cool app sitting on my smartphone. I excuse myself for a short moment, go take a second to sing this fleeting idea into it, and it will stay there (with tempo, key, and a few other technicalities I wouldn't even bother with at that stage). I can recall it any other time and it's there. So damn cool.

Since last summer I've thus collected material for 4 or 5 songs at least, as far as I can tell. But they are not songs yet. Definitely not songs. Skeletons, at best. Well, not even that, truly.

So this is what I do in the studio at the moment. I take them out from this smartphone repository of sorts, dust them out, and start turning them into actual beats, actual melodies, actual guitar, or synth, or you-name-it riff they relate to.

I just have no clue where they're leading me. It's too early, too many things will change, even these very ideas will radically change before this is over, and other one will come, and will support, supplement, or right out clash with them.

It will be a big mess. It will be massive anguish. It will be huge mistakes and desperate moments. It will be hell, and just great fun & joy. As usual.

This is just the beginning of a new journey :)

Stay tuned!

Take care,

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