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The Call of Nature

December. Winter coming soon here. Cold, rainy, snowy, windy... Today I felt like posting a photograph I took last summer, in a place that is truly special to me, as a reminder of brighter, sunny days.

Me and my dearest ones are lucky enough to share our time between city life and the countryside, possibly getting the best of both worlds.

Admittedly, modern music of the rock and electro types I love and produce finds most of its roots in urban origins. Concrete, pavement, subway, trains, buildings, city jungles, exhaust fumes, hype districts, trendy places and constant noise often have a lot more to do with it than remote, quiet places, trees, flowers, fields, forests, rivers, mountains or meadows, if you see what I mean.

But I wouldn't be able to find my balance without this call of nature that brings me back to the places I love, and especially this one where my dearest ones and I have made our second home.

We all have our secret gardens one way or another. I'm sure you do too. It may be in dreams or reality, I don't think it makes much of a difference. Secret gardens are there for us all, to fuel our lives with what truly matters. Here is a snapshot of mine.


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