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Great Places (NYC Pt. 1)

Today is a good time to make a post about a place where have strong memories, and great ones.

The first time I went to NYC, I was 17, and I hated it. It was simply too much, I just couldn't take it in. Too tall, too big, too hectic, too dirty (I recall turning a corner from 5th Avenue to a side street and coming across rows and rows on tramps lying down onto sidewalks on cardboard), too oppressive...

I went there many times since that first, and came to enjoy it a lot and, eventually, love this place: its intense excitement, its magnitude, its infinity. The hubbub or Time Square and Broadway, the quiet streets of Greenwich Village, the matter-of-factness of Lower East End, the hidden wilderness of Central Park. Great places to eat & drink, great music, great people.

The photos below were shot quite a while ago (you can see the unfinished state of the One World Trade Center on the skyline), when my dearest ones and me went there on the eve of Halloween, as a promise to our young boy (when you're 10, we'll take you there). This is one of my fondest memories.

I just need to think of it and images, sounds, music, will jump to my mind.


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