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Entitled (Pt. 3)

In this series, I discuss the inner guts of my music creation process.

Hey all, here’s the last of my posts re: the inception of “Entitled”.

In the previous two parts (see here and here) I discussed the hidden bedrock of this track, with its female vocal pulse and its synth-like replica.

Based on that idea, the guitars came quite easily, so to speak, both the harmonies of the verse and break, and the ones of the chorus. Then, on that foundation, the rest flowed fairly naturally, including vocals and lyrics. Altogether, this project was quite fun to explore.

Another fun thing to do, was to have the drums evolve from a purely electronic format in the intro and first verse, into a purely acoustic format and sound for the rest of this song (which is pretty much rock all in all). If one listens carefully, the beat itself evolves, part of the initial electronic beat being kept by the acoustic drums when the come in, and then transformed, and then, eventually, dropped altogether as the track progresses.

Mixing that track, apart from the work mentioned in the previous parts about the pulse, mostly involved trimming things down and simplifying them. This kind of song could easily become overcrowded, otherwise.


Listen to "Entitled"


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