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Revisiting Long Gone Memories

This "In the studio" series is about any news from the studio, what’s up, what’s going on there, what’s on my mind :)


Hey all, today, I'm revisiting Long Gone Memories, a track that will go into my next album.

When I'm done, I might post a sneak hear link to it, like I did for Persuaded! (with that link).

Long Gone Memories stayed untouched for a pretty while, but I'd better finished this piece before it can go to the mastering stage. Well, I've been knowing what I wanted for this one for a long time, though had left it as a mere sketch.

Now I'm grappling with it, at long last. It's a hard fight, but it's fun :)

So stay tuned! Who know's? There could be a goodie coming soon ;)

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