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Entitled (Pt. 2)

In this series, I discuss the inner guts of my music creation process.

Hey there, here’s a follow-up on my previous post re: the inception of “Entitled” (if you want to read that one again, see there).

As you recall, I was writing about this ow-ow-ow pulse that is hidden within that track, while saying that one danger was overdoing it.

So it had to be taken down and further down as the mix evolved, to the point of becoming inaudible, virtually non-existent (except a slight build-down in the first verse, an even slighter and lower build-up in the last chorus, and that short, 1-bar moment when it stands out alone, as a sort of wink to itself). But the truth is, it is still actually there all along.

Now, another difficulty was the balance between the synth-like pulse and the female natural pulse. If the mix was broken down into pieces, and this was listened to in isolation, funny things would be discovered about that. But of course it’s probably impossible to hear this in the final track, and it’s not meant to.

(To be continued…)


Listen to "Entitled"


​Watch the video

Stay tuned, more to come soon about that track!

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