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EverNoize & Favs - Trip music: Today's pick

In this series I share with you some of the music I love and snips from my playlists.

Let's enjoy some of what I call "trip music", my own blend of electro and various styles, with a little rock flavor in it, sometimes (but not always!) bordering on trip hop, or even rap. The kind of stuff that inspired, for example, some of my tracks like "New One (No Limit)".

So, today's pick:

  • Stolen Dance - Milky Chance (2014)

  • Clint Eastwood - Gorillaz (2001)

  • Sun - Cat Power (2012)

  • Everlast - Ends (1999)

  • Bridge Scene - Archive (2003)

What tracks from your own playlists do you think fit best next to "New One (No Limit"? Leave a comment!

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