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Love & Hope

Dear Fans,

Solidarity to all in Manchester, UK, who suffered last night from what looks like a terrorist attack. To all victims of blind violence, there and anywhere in the world. To all for whom this day could have been a new one, and won’t.

Coincidence has it that a couple of the songs that are part of my EP released last April are broadcast on various web radios since this week. Among them is “New One (No Limit)”. It’s about that same sort of horrendous event, on another month of another year, in another country, but just the same, actually. Horribly the same. When I heard the news today I was devastated, and considered calling it all off, but it turns out it could not be easily or fully done.

Then, I thought this song is about courage and resilience. It’s to remind us all that love, and hope, will prevail in the end.

Solidarity to all in Manchester, UK, this song is dedicated to them.

EverNoize - 2017

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