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Entitled (Pt. 1)

OK, this is the first post in a series about the inner guts of my music’s creation process.

Here’s some insight about what went into the “Entitled” song.

The whole thing about this track originated from the Ow-Ow-Ow... pulse it contains. Not the one with the single female voice, but the first attempt to it that is more synth-like, as a chord, and is very briefly heard in the intro (and comes back in a subliminal manner in the last chorus).

The pulse with the single female voice, that is a little bit more discernible, is a later refinement, taken from a loop, resampled and edited, thus transformed into another thing altogether (although one key to it was the will to keep the voice as natural as possible).

The difficulty about this idea was to avoid overdoing it, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed by how it groves with the rest of the track, especially as the other rhythmic sections (guitars, drums, bass) have a beat of their own which is different from that super-basic, binary pulse.

(To be continued…)


Listen to "Entitled"


​Watch the video

Stay tuned, more to come soon about that track!

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