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What went into "New One"? (Pt. 1)

In this series, I discuss the inner guts of my music creation process.

Hey folks, here’re a few facts about "New One (No Limit)", and what went into it.

As the lyrics suggest, this track was inspired by a specific event, that took place at the time I had come up with its main musical theme, and was, precisely, considering what to do with it. In the end I had no choice, so to say. I remember very will that early evening, sitting at my computer, playing that theme in my head and trying to grasp some elusive words and ideas that were fleeing faster than I could catch any of them. After quite a frustrating session, my dearest ones convinced me to stop and go outside have dinner somewhere. Nice place, nice food, very nice time together. Then, on our way back, it all happened. Fortunately none of us was hit by any of it, directly or indirectly, but I know it was a very close call for some people we care very much about.

That’s why this track is dedicated to all those who suffer from terrorism and violence, one way or another, anywhere in the world.

But enough said about this, actually this track is very much about hope, as well. Next time I’ll let you know about more positive things, such as the music of it. Stay tuned!

(To be continued)


Listen to "New One (No Limit)"

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