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A Moment of Quietness?

Today I'd like to share with you a photograph of one of my secret places, where I can find peace and quietness when I need to.

It's a very small pond with a few goldfish and a couple of water lilies. There's a bench with a rosebush climbing up a wooden frame above it, and a very old lime tree nearby. A can sit there, listening to the music of that little fountain spilling water into the pond, watching dragonflies come and go, letting go of everything but the sound of chirping birds that surround us everywhere, and keep living unnoticed unless you pay attention.

Making music is a lot about listening to one's inner voices and, at some point, these voices may become invasive, even overwhelming. It's very good to shut them off for just a little while, and let the world's own song take over. No need to worry, these inner voices will come back later, clearer, cleansed.

And if you make music too, you'll know how elusive these inner voices can be most of the time, and how afraid one may be of letting go any chance of grasping a piece of them, something that could have been of some value and won't come back again if you don't seize it now. But sometimes I think it's better to let that go for a little while, and take the chance to lose what might just as well have been fools' gold, trusting yourself that some other, deeper treasure will eventually come to you. Later.


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