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Working on Persuaded!

This "In the studio" series is about any news from the studio, what’s up, what’s going on there, what’s on my mind :)


Today, back in the studio, at last!!! Feels so good after many months with so many things to do re: the release of No Limit and its aftermath...

So, I took my guitar, turned on the keyboards and played for quite a while. Like going home after a loooong trip abroad, if you see what I mean.

More importantly, tweaked some acoustic guitars (re-recorded them) and did some final, slight changes in the EQing of “Persuaded!”, before this one goes to mastering. That track is one of those meant for my next release, Fools of US, that will be out next Fall.

Stay tuned, I might talk about Persuaded! again in a short while ;)

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